Daily Archives: December 31, 2011

NELA City Budget Survey opportunity coming January 15th

Like cities and states across the country, Los Angeles continues to face significant economic challenges. While the City has made progress in recent years towards cutting costs and operating more efficiently, additional steps must be taken to achieve long-term financial sustainability. The Mayor’s Office and the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates believe that the input and participation of local communities and Neighborhood Councils in the budget development process is critical to the adoption of a spending plan that reflects the needs and priorities of Los Angeles’ diverse communities.
In each of the last six budget cycles, the Mayor’s Office, with help from the Budget Advocates, has facilitated a structured process for gathering budget input, primarily through an annual community budget survey. This year the budget survey will be released by January 15. In order to get input from all Angelinos and Neighborhood Councils. The Mayor’s Budget Survey will be available for input between January 15 – February 15. Survey hardcopies will also be available in English and Spanish. The deadline for submission of survey responses is February 22.
The Mayor’s Office would like to hear from as many stakeholders in our local communities as possible. Once the survey is released, please help share the opportunity to participate with your neighbors. The survey will be hosted on the city’s website at: LACity.org Look for the Mayor’s Budget Survey link.
A Budget Forum is also being planned for NELA on Monday, January 30th, 6pm, location to be determined.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Joseph Hari, Neighborhood and Community Services, at joseph.hari@lacity.org, or Heinrich Keifer, Neighborhood Budget Advocate for the East Area at Hkeifer101@sbcglobal.net or call 323-385-4935.