Galco’s Soda Stop Mourns loss of Dr. Pepper

Big Business Reigns Again … as it crushes the tittle guy

Last year, Galco’s Soda Pop Stop sold 60,000 bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper. Next year, they will not sell a single bottle. On January 12, 2012 Dr. Pepper / Snapple Group crushed the first and oldest independent Dr. Pepper bottler located in Dublin, Texas, founded in 1891 in order to control the niche cane sugar, 8 ounce glass bottle market; a market that Dublin Dr. Pepper has nurtured for the past 121 years. This is the same niche that Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and its predecessors had deemed irrelevant with the advent of plastic, aluminum cans and high fructose corn sweeteners more than fifty years ago.

The question to ask here is why? Why would a corporate giant kill and eat it’s first born? The answer has been the same since the beginning of time: GREED. Corporate greed goes something like this: “I want what you have. If you will not give it to me, then I will kill you and take it!”.

I am not surprised by the ruthless treatment of Dublin Dr. Pepper at the hands of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. We only have to look at the demise of the independent bottlers in the Coke and Pepsi network to know and see the Mafia-like attitude at work. “Sell us what you have worked so long and hard for or we will destroy you and take it anyway”. The question to ask is, did Dublin Dr. Pepper want to sell or were they forced to sell? With the threat of insurmountable legal fees and court costs, was this a battle they could afford to fight? Was a metaphorical gun held to their head; sign away your rights or you will die?

How is this relevant? Look around, corporate greed has and continues to destroy the fabric of our forefathers dreams. The death certificate should read, “Dublin Dr. Pepper 1891 – 2012. Cause of death: Corporate Greed.”

What can you do? Lift your voice [speak out] and complain. Send letters to the big Dr. Pepper / Snapple corporation, to your congressman, senators, the president, your local newspapers and any one else you think will help fight for our families and small businesses.

John F. Nese Owner

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop·

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