Mary Anne Costa December 18, 1924 – March 7, 2012

Mary Anne CostaMary Anne Costa
December 18, 1924 – March 7, 2012
Mary Anne Costa, who most Eagle Rockers will remember as one of the owners and proprietors of the Another World Comic Book store, died last month at the age of 87. She is survived by her husband Bob, her children Carol and Daniel; her grandchildren Robyn, Dusty and Beau; and her great-grandchildren Ali, Ava, Noina, Soda and Pinky. She and Bob met and married when they were teenagers, and as he wrote, “We hit bottom together, and we went to the top together. We had our highs and lows in life and we did not realize how miserable we were at the beginning because we were too happy.”
The Costas worked as a team all their life, for 50 years in television and motion pictures, and opened their comic book store on Colorado Boulevard in 1976. They got involved in the civic life of Eagle Rock in 1996, participating in the October 1996 “visioning session” of the Downtown Directions, where they connected with Anne Marie Jones and others (me, too), who worked together to organize the first “Eagle Rock Snapshot Day” on March 8, 1997. The day in the life of Eagle Rock in photos got national television coverage.
Indeed, the Boulevard Sentinel may have never begun without them, as their friendship, support and encouragement made sense out of the crazy idea of an auto mechanic starting a newspaper.
They sold their business and sold their house around 2005, moving into an assisted living facility in nearby Glendale.
Bob wrote about how they met.
“Mary Anne Davis was living in Michigan going to Kalamazoo State College, where she got a four year scholarship. During the summer she decided to visit her sister in Chicago, while there she got a job at the fence plant which at that time was the thing to do. I went to work at the same fence plant.
“Mary Anne did soldering and worked at a big table. I worked at a small room watching wires being coded which gave me the free time to roam around the plant, and I would walk by Mary Anne’s table and I thought she was very stuck up. But the truth is she was very, very shy. There was another friend of mine working at the plant who was very good looking and was a womanizer, and I thought didn’t have a chance. But the truth is, she hated him and she knew who he was.
“One day I was showing movies at the plant to raise money to buy war bands, and after the movie I was waiting for my equipment to be picked up when standing on the corner I heard a voice that said, “hello there” and to my surprise it was Mary Anne, who normally would not talk to people.
“Seizing the opportunity I asked if I could walk her home and she said yes! So, I took my equipment to the guard house and told the guard I would be back. So, I walked her home and to my surprise I discovered that she had three little nieces, and so I seized another opportunity and asked the kids if they wanted to watch movies and they said yes. That night I came back with all my equipment and showed the movies to all her nieces. At the end of the evening I asked if she wanted to go to a show with me and she said yes and. that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
“Mary Anne was a seeker of truth. She never stopped pursuing the truth just as she was a devout born again Christian. Now her journey continues to find out what is next, and so I have no concerns about how she is doing, it’s just that I miss her so much.”
We will miss her, too, Bob.