Eagle Rock Neighborhood Crappers?

by Tom Topping
The other morning I was getting myself going on some errands when former Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council President Steve Early came by walking his dog. As he walked past with his giant St. Bernard in tow, the dog stopped in our yard and did his business. Early didn’t stop, didn’t turn around and kept on walking. Again, the dog pooped on the sidewalk in front of the neighbor’s house. Early kept on walking.
A few days later on my morning walk, I saw him riding his motorcycle, so I asked him about that.
He responded in a very aggressive and hostile manner, so much so, I wondered if he was having problems at home or work.
“I always clean up after my dog. I had forgotten to bring a bag with me. I came back later and cleaned it up,” he declared.
A few minutes later, as I neared home, the dried remnants of the droppings were dried into the concrete of the sidewalk by the neighbor’s house. Yes, I took a photo, and no, I’m not printing it in the paper. In our yard, the droppings remain untouched, right where I saw the dog leave them.
Steve, don’t let your dog poop in my yard, or on my sidewalk or on the sidewalk next door either. Be considerate of your neighbors who don’t want your dog using their yard and their sidewalk as his toilet, even if you do pick it up. Find someone else’s yard to poop in, and try not being so hostile when a neighbor politely mentions it to you. That way, you won’t end up reading about it in the local paper.

2 thoughts on “Eagle Rock Neighborhood Crappers?”

  1. admin

    Greetings Tom,
    My name is Liz Conejo Daniels, and I am a long-time resident of Eagle Rock.
    I am writing in response to the, “Eagle Rock Crappers?” article you wrote about Mr. Early not picking up after his dog.
    I also happen to be totally blind, and get around with the help of my guide dog. As a matter of fact, I’ve been working with guide dogs for a very long time, and cleaning up after my dogs has never been an issue for me. Yes, there’s indeed a specific technique for picking up when you can’t see, and believe me, it’s easier than you think!
    Sadly and disgustingly, there are far too many sighted people who simply don’t want to be bothered with this task, even though it’s part of being a responsible dog owner, regardless if the animal is a pet or working dog.
    Shame, shame, shame on Mr. Early and the rest of those inconsiderate, lazy sighted people who don’t pick up after their dogs ! If I can easily and efficiently pick up after my guide dog without any sight at all, then there’s no excuse for the rest of the Mr. Earlys of the world not to; thanks for listening!
    A Very Capable and Proud guide Dog Handler

  2. searly

    As I told Tom, while on my way to the hospital, I realized that I had forgotten a bag having used my last on the day before so I went straight home got two bags came back and picked up after my dog. I did not bring a bucket, mop, or scrub brush so it is true that some residue was left on the sidewalk. Sorry about that.
    I always pick after my dog and almost always carry a bag or two for that purpose. The dog is a Bernese Mtn. Dog and worked for years as a Therapy dog at a shelter for abused children. We always cleaned up there as we do everywhere we go together.
    S. Early

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