Problems with Figueroa Plaza?

What’s in a Name?
Problems with Figueroa Plaza?

figplazargbAs the expansion of the Von’s Market into a minimall at Figueroa and La Loma nears completion, some community members were taken aback last month as the signage went up identifying it as “Figueroa Plaza.” Critics say that the name implies the center is in Highland Park, which has a much larger identity with North Figueroa Street than does Eagle Rock.
They contend that the name should not have “Figueroa” in it, but instead should include “Eagle Rock” or “Colorado.”
The Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce Board had some discussion of it at their meeting in January. Several of the businesses to be tenants there were announced. The list includes Eagle Rock Noodles, Hamburger Habit and Super Cuts.
Von’s has agreed to provide and install an Eagle Rock Monument sign on the corner of Figueroa and La Loma and will also be paying for a 4 foot widening of the adjacent La Loma Avenue, to provide a delineated right turn lane to ease traffic congestion for those turning south on Figueroa.
(What do you think it should be named? Is Figueroa Plaza OK with you? How about La Loma Plaza? Annandale Plaza? Rockdale Plaza? How about Rockview Plaza? That is a name that actually is accurate, as from that site the Eagle Rock itself is prominent in the view to the north.)