Cindy’s Diner Sold

Cindy’s Diner Sold to Paul Rosenbluh of Firefly Bistro


Big changes coming to Cindy’s Restaurant. Cindy’s Restaurant sold last month to a restaurateur from South Pasadena, Paul Rosenbluh. He is the owner and chef of Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena. He posted this on Social Media:

Good News Everyone!

My self and Monique have just take over a new restaurant space in Eagle Rock! We now own Cindy’s Restaurant on Colorado Blvd.
We are looking to have it open again in about 6 weeks if forces of nature will permit. We are keeping it Cindy’s and keeping it a diner, so all you diner fans out there start warming up your taste buds because it should be great. I even have room in the kitchen to put in a smoker, so we will have bbq on the menu as well. To commemorate the moment I had a picture taken with Bob, the previous owner when we got the key’s from him.
So come on out to Firefly, ask me some questions if you wish, or offer some money to help with the remodel, I’m easy. I now look forward to seeing you all in both locations.
Thanks, Paul

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  1. Derekesparza

    I am a fan of the Firefly restaurant in South Pasadena. This is going to be a good thing for those of us that enjoy a good breakfast spot nearby. Adding a smoker will be the icing on the cake.

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