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This Sunday, Friends of Hermon Dog park will sponsor this free seminar to all park patrons!

When:  February 23 (from 3-5 pm)
Where:  Hermon Dog Park (5568 Via Marisol, Los Angeles, CA 90042)
How:   Show up at 3 pm to exercise your pet, then stay for the seminar beginning at 3:30 pm
What:  Topic: ”Are You Prepared With Your Pets When A Disaster Strikes?”

  • What supplies are really needed?
  • How to approach an injured pet?
  • What if I get separated from my pet?
  • How do we keep our pets safe?

Emergency checklist handouts, as well as other valuable material will be available after the seminar.

Who:  Two experts presenting the seminar: Cindy Sanchez is certified and an instructor with the American Red Cross (since 2001).  Thea Martin, is a regional representative and part of the volunteer recruiting training team with Animal Response and Rescue Coalition. They are both members of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). 

Yappy Hour & Pet Emergency Preparedness Seminar 2/23!

February Yappy Hour & Pet Emergency Preparedness Seminar Friends of Hermon Dog Park is pleased to sponsor this event!  This seminar is FREE to all park patrons! When:  Sunday, February 23 (from 3-5 pm) Where:  Hermon Dog Park (5568 Via Marisol, … Continue reading

Boulevard Now Open to All!

Now Open to All

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Alternative Presentation Triggers Rude Bicyclist Outbursts

At a raucous committee meeting of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, bicyclists exploded in angry outbursts as “Alternative Views” on North Figueroa bike lanes was the subject of the meeting.
Opponents of removing car traffic lanes for bike lanes were there only because they were requested by ASNC leadership to give a presentation on “Alternative Views.” They were shouted down by bike lane promoters, and not allowed to continue with what they were prepared to present.
Here is the presentation video of Alternatives that Hart Fisher of Highland Park created to grant the request of the ASNC.




LOS ANGELES – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will close the northbound Pasadena Freeway (SR-110) from midnight to 8 a.m. on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18 between the Golden State Freeway (I-5) connector and Orange Grove Avenue.


Detours will be in place.


The closures are in relation to a slab replacement project.

April Issue of Boulevard Sentinel is on the Street

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Come check out Jimmy Gomez’s NEW District Office


I wanted to make sure you knew about the Open House we’re holding this Thursday at our NEW District Office.

I’m excited about our new location in Echo Park and want to introduce you to our staff.

Join us:
Thursday, February 28th
6 PM – 8 PM
1910 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 810 (CitiBank Building)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Entrance to the building is on the Glendale Blvd side.
To RSVP or for more information, click here or please call 213-483-5151.

I look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts about legislative and community issues.
Your friend,

Image Cannot Be Displayed
Jimmy Gomez

Assemblymember, 51st District
Democratic Whip

Boulevard Sentinel Endorses Kevin James

Normally we don’t go for Republicans, but after seeing So-Cal connected report tonight on double dipping by L.A. police and fire (they collect retirement while they are still working!) I see that Kevin James is the lone voice who at least says he would put a stop to it. The Boulevard Sentinel endorses Kevin James for Mayor of L.A.

learn about neighborhood emergency supply bins today

Hermon O’Bin House

Imagine having no power, no food, no water, and no communications for days, possibly weeks.  How will your neighborhood cope?   Have you ever seen a neighborhood emergency supply bin?  Do you want to learn how to get one for your community & prepare at the grass-roots level? 


One Northeast Los Angeles community is working hard to prepare for the next big emergency. Hermon’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is hosting their first “O’Bin House” on Saturday, Feb 9th to show other communities how to set up, store and maintain their own community emergency supplies.

Everyone is invited to attend this unique outdoors event, rain or shine, from 2-4pm at Hermon’s Emergency Supply Bin. Located at the back of the empty church lot at 5710 Monterey Rd, the large bin will be the location for interesting tours which are free and fun for the entire family.

Hermon’s 25-member CERT team was trained by the Los Angeles Fire Department, who continues to support the community by attending and participating in Hermon’s annual disaster drills and ShakeOut exercises.  Most of Hermon’s emergency preparedness events are organized and sponsored by town residents and emergency expert volunteers.

See what Hermon and its neighbors have for emergency supplies, which are meant to complement, not replace individual family supplies.  Also learn what individual emergency supplies you may still need and place an order with our local vendor, Earthquake Solutions of Irwindale.

At 3:00pm you’ll be able to see the correct way to use a fire extinguisher to safely douse small fires.  Throughout the event guests will be able to spend time lounging in cozy Hermon Emergency Village, while listening to tranquil music and playing games for great prizes!

Citizens will be able to register for free local CERT and CPR training and possibly a new pilot Teen CERT Program.   An event flyer is included to assist with publicity and outreach.

There will be a special, free door prize to the first 100 who attend!  So mark your calendars and come
taste our preserved 5-yr-old food and drink while you learn about CERT and how to prepare your community for the Big One.

Contact:  Mark Legassie, LAFD/CERT Batt 2


February Boulevard Sentinel is on the Street

February Boulevard Sentinel

Huizar’s Vicious Circle of Disenfranchising Voters

Jose Huizar is working on refining the factual basis stakeholder definition for neighborhood council elections in response to the 313 factual basis voters who voted in the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council elections. He is shopping it around to get support from neighborhood councils in his area, as well as the BONC (board of neighborhood council commissioners).

Not surprisingly, Huizar left out a very important piece of information on the issue because it was their actions of conspiring to disenfranchise voters that caused it.

A few weeks before the election, Huizar, independent election administrator Terrence Gomes, ERNC leaders and a deputy city attorney (unnamed) openly conspired to disenfranchise voters who owned and worked at tax-paying marijuana dispensaries. Note that at that time there were no city laws or ordinances prohibiting such businesses, and in fact, law from a superior power, state law, allowing them was in full effect.

This widely distributed email message was sent out by ERNC leader Maria Nazario, who quotes it as being from a deputy city attorney (unnamed) and forwarded to her by Terrance Gomes.

“Our Office has advised that Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are not authorized under the Los Angeles Administrative Code as any of the permissible and enumerated uses contained within the Code. Therefore, the use of property as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary is unauthorized and illegal.
“Under the Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils a factual basis stakeholder is a person who “declares a stake in the neighborhood.” (Plan, art. II, § 1.) That “stake,” however, must be based on legally permissible activity. Thus, a person who claims an interest in a neighborhood alleging that it is based on a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, which is an unauthorized and illegal use, is not an eligible stakeholder.”

Hence, taxpaying stakeholders and voters, authorized by State law, were disenfranchised from voting by Huizar, independent election administrator Terrence Gomes, ERNC leaders and a deputy city attorney (unnamed).

To excuse themselves from doing this, they reasoned that all a interested potential voter had to do was go down the street, buy a coffee at Starbucks, and bring the receipt in to qualify for factual basis. This was publicized widely.

Therefore, the entire situation occurred only because Huizar, independent election administrator Terrence Gomes, ERNC leaders and a deputy city attorney (unnamed) encouraged such factual basis stakeholders as a way to excuse themselves from critic’s charges they disenfranchised legitimate voters.

Now, with this new push to redefine the factual basis voters, Jose Huizar completes his viscous circle of flawed reasoning.

Disenfranchise voters. –>  Encourage factual basis to deny disenfranchising. –>  Eliminate factual basis. –>  Disenfranchise voters. –>  Encourage factual basis to deny disenfranchising. –>  Eliminate factual basis. –> Disenfranchise voters. –>  Encourage factual basis to deny disenfranchising. –>  Eliminate factual basis. –> Disenfranchise voters. –>  Encourage factual basis to deny disenfranchising. –>  Eliminate factual basis. –> Disenfranchise voters. –>

You get the idea. Jose? Do you?

Former Councilman Art Snyder, a City Hall ‘character,’ dead at 79

November Issue of the Boulevard Sentinel is out now!

November Boulevard Sentinel Electronic Version available here.


Exciting Day at 2012 NELA Neighborhood Council Elections

This gallery contains 3 photos.

  by Tom Topping This year’s neighborhood council (NC) elections were the funnest and most exciting yet. With the magical addition of the competing “slates” in the Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Arroyo Seco councils, along with the “Starbuck’s Stakeholders,” … Continue reading


Heritage Square Museum’s Colonial Drugstore Grand Opening Set for November 3

Heritage Square Museum’s Colonial Drugstore Grand Opening Set for November 3 New Building and Exhibit Examines the History of the Neighborhood Drugstore and Early 20th Century Pharmaceutical Industry LOS ANGELES – October 15, 2012 – Heritage Square Museum will formally … Continue reading

October Boulevard Sentinel is out now!