Elysian Valley: A Riverside Community in Flux

2018 February Gallery NELA Photo Album

Elysian Valley, a neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles between the Los Angeles River and 5 Freeway, is being transformed by the prospect of river redevelopment. The once isolated enclave, a.k.a. Frogtown, has been home to generations of generally lower-income Latino families, living in small bungalows on small lots (photo at upper left). Parts of the river bike path, a big draw to the neighborhood, still show the area’s gritty side (photo at upper right) even amid newer real estate developments (photos at bottom).

– Photos by Andres Magaña 

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1 thought on “Elysian Valley: A Riverside Community in Flux

  1. Gritty side????
    I guess the parts that still have the lower income Latino families? So I guess that make you a proponent of gentrification, doesn’t it????
    Neighborhood has always been beautiful and never run down. I’ve been here all my life, and believe me when I say your people, these UN-GRITTY people, are more gritty than the Latino bungalows you speak of. Your new, (UN-GRITTY) people coming in have no manners, no common courtesy, no respect for anything. Not even traffic laws!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So Mr. Andres Magaña, does a gentrifence surround your home????? Bet it does.

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