José Huizar Removed from His Committee Assignments on the City Council

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Thursday, Nov. 15: José Huizar, City Councilmember for Eagle Rock and other parts of Council District 14, has been stripped of his committee posts, ABC7 has reported today.  City Council President Herb Wesson sent a letter to the City Clerk’s office removing Mr. Huizar from his committee assignments; Mr. Wesson’s letter follows an FBI raid on Nov. 7 on Mr. Huizar’s City Hall office, his home in Boyle Heights and his field office in Boyle Heights.

The biggest of Mr. Huizar’s committee posts was his chairmanship of the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUM), which has sway over all large development projects in Los Angeles. In Eagle Rock, a large project is moving ahead at the Pillarhenge site at 1332 Colorado Blvd. Another large project, currently on hold, is the proposed StorQuest self-storage facility at 2803 W. Broadway. 

The Boulevard Sentinel emailed Rick Coca, spokesperson for Mr. Huizar, to ask for Mr. Huizar’s comment on Mr. Wesson’s action. Mr. Coca referred us to Mr. Huizar’s attorney, Stephen Kaufman, who said in a prepared statement that “Councilmember Huizar respects Council President Wesson’s decision, and will use the time away from committee assignments to tend to personal matters.”

Mr. Huizar has also been named in two recent lawsuits by former employees who allege that they faced harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace after they complained about what they considered unethical and potentially illegal activities by Mr. Huizar. After those lawsuits were filed in October, Mr. Huizar issued statements denying the allegations in strong terms, calling them “crazy,” and “nonsense” and asserting that the lawsuits were part of a coordinated political attack on him.


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