Poster by Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

Election Results 2019 for NELA Neighborhood Councils

Here are the results for those NELA neighborhood councils which help elections in April 2019. We are posting tthe results for Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Cypress Park and Lincoln Heights. The neighborhood councils for Glassell Park, Arroyo Seco and Hermon did not have elections.

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Nature could be restored in and along riverside areas like this one, while the park is upgraded with new and improved playing fields.

One LA River, Many Park Interests

With so many different ideas about what an L.A. River park should include, it can be hard to see how to accommodate them all. One example of working together to advance various interests involves Anahuak’s Raul Macias and Jon Christensen, a UCLA adjunct assistant professor specializing in the environment and a board member of the non-profit Los Angeles River State Parks Partners.

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The school yard at Eagle Rock Elementary.

Eagle Rock Elementary Faces Budget Cut

Eagle Rock Elementary School (ERES) is facing a budget cut of $125,000 in the coming school year and possibly much more in subsequent years. The looming cutback, disclosed at a parent meeting in March, has the school community “highly alarmed,” said ERES Principal Stephanie Leach, adding, “I share their concerns.”

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Spring Season in NELA Gets Underway

The Special Olympics, held at Sotomayor in Glassell Park, warmed the hearts of NELA.  The girls softball team at Eagle Rock High got off to a booming start this spring season. The retirement of a coach at Lincoln High evoked gratitude for a remarkable career. 

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The drainage pipe installed on Yosemite Drive prevented flooding, but also caused the creek that once ran there to disappear. USC Digital archive

Water in NELA – Where Water Once Flowed

Much of our recent rainfall has flowed out to the ocean, uncaptured and unused. But it was not always this way. Up until the 1930s, water flowed throughout the area we now know as Northeast Los Angeles.

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