Police secure the scene in front of 7-Eleven on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock after the shooting on Thursday, July 17 | Photo by Laura Brady-Allen

Crime and Punishment in Northeast L.A.

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By Laura Brady-Allen

Deadly Shooting at 7-Eleven in Eagle Rock
As of deadline on Thursday, July 26 for this print edition of the Boulevard Sentinel, there had been no arrests in the shooting on Thursday, July 18, at around 5:45 p.m. in front of the 7-Eleven at 1910 Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. The victim, identified by a public information officer for the coroner as Daniel Antonio Quevedo Alvarez of Los Angeles, 27, was transported from the scene to the hospital, where he died of multiple gunshot wounds at 4:20 a.m. on Friday, July 19, according to police.

A spokesperson for the LAPD said two male assailants fled the scene. As of press time, police said there was still no vehicle description. Police believe the shooting was a drive by and possibly gang-related.

The Boulevard Sentinel will update this story on boulevardsentinel.com as details become available.

Man Sentenced in Mugging of Pregnant Jogger
Marlon Bugtong Mata, a 29-year old transient, recently pleaded no contest to a felony count of second-degree robbery for using bodily force to rob a pregnant woman of her cell phone in the Glassell Park Recreation Center on the morning of January 11. Mata was sentenced to two years in state prison and received a credit of 173 days, according to Paul Eakins, a public information officer for the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Witnesses described hearing the woman cry out after the attack and came to her aid.

Defendant in Officer-Involved Shooting Will Not Stand Trial
Joseph Esposito, Jr., 28, has been found mentally unfit to stand trial for an attempted robbery of a cell phone that escalated into an officer-involved shooting on January 2 at the Eagle Rock Plaza. The shooting occurred when Esposito reportedly backed his car at high speed toward a Glendale police officer who had responded to the 911 call about the attempted robbery. A chase ensued. Esposito crashed his car near the ramp of the southbound 2 Freeway at York Boulevard and ran home, where he surrendered to police. A hearing will be held on September 5 to determine how the legal system will proceed given Esposito’s condition.

Prowler Apprehended
According to LAPD, a woman who lives on Glen Aylsa in Eagle Rock called 911 on July 9 to report that she had woken up to a prowler in her bedroom that she initially mistook for one of her children. LAPD responded and arrested a suspect on a nearby street. LAPD did not make any other details available as of press time.

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2 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment in Northeast L.A.

  1. I’ve been following the robbery that occurred at glassell park , and happened to know the victim( Ruth) and the accused(Mata) whom my son went to high school with at Eagle Rock hs. I was a bit shocked when I heard about this cause I even went to this guy’s party when he graduated from Cal State la. To make a long story short, I did my own investigation and got a copy of the police report and also got a chance to talk to the witness(Mrs.Flores) and found that there were many things that she mentioned especially the description of the real assailant but not included in the police report. I also noticed in the report that the word “hispanic” was erased and replaced with the word “asian”.I also had a chance to visit Mr.Mata in jail and asked why he did what he did and he replied”i didn’t do nothing”.I asked him if he didn’t do it why plead no contest.He said he was scared to go through with the trial and didn’t wanna take his chances with the jurors.Anyway it looks the guy if not caught yet is still out there somewhere and we’re looking for a tall,skinny,dark skinned Hispanic Male wearing the same color clothing when Mr.Mata was arrested.(according to Mrs.Flores) it looks to me like another innocent person is sent to prison , how many more will be going , they could be someone you know or a loved one.

    1. It’s disturbing. Thankyou for this info. unless they catch the guy I guess all we can do is pray that Mata makes it through this safely. I’ll order him a care package. He must be so hungry.

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