Aerial view rendering of the homeless shelters planned for 7570 N. Figueroa St in Eagle Rock, across from the Eagle Rock Recreation Center | Image: Board Report 6/17/21 / LA Department of Recreation and Parks

Final approval granted for homeless pallet shelters in Eagle Rock

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By T.A Hendrickson

The commissioners of the Board of Recreation and Parks (RAP) approved the plan today to build 48 small, prefabricated shelter units for the homeless in the overflow parking lot of the Eagle Rock Recreation Center; the lot is located on N. Figueroa Street across from the park and between the on- and off-ramps of the 134 Freeway.

The vote to approve was unanimous among the four of five commissioners present at today’s RAP Board meeting.

The shelter site in Eagle Rock is the fifth such site approved by the Board on park property in Los Angeles in the past year and the second site approved in Council District 14 in Northeast Los Angeles. The other CD 14 site, in Highland Park, was approved by the RAP Board on April 15. The Highland Park site, which will consist of 115 pallet shelter units, will be located on an unused stretch of Arroyo Seco Drive within the borders of Hermon Park and next to the 110 Freeway. 

Construction is expected to begin this summer with occupancy likely in the fall.

Update: The date for the Zoom town hall meeting on the pallet shelter site coming to Eagle Rock has been changed. The new date is Wednesday, July 14 at 6 p.m. (The original date and time was June 28 at 7 p.m..) Councilmember Kevin de León and a representative from Union Station Homeless Services, the organization that will administer the site, will attend the meeting to take questions and provide more information. (Union Station informed the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council committe on Homelessness of the date change on June 21, saying it needed more time.) You may register for the July 14 Eagle Rock town hall here

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17 thoughts on “Final approval granted for homeless pallet shelters in Eagle Rock

  1. I’m very disappointed that the Rec & Parks approved the placement of the tiny houses at the location across from the Eagle Recreation Center, without informing us in the Community, who pay taxes to live here without letting us know any of the details. What is the criteria for moving into the houses, can drug users, convicted felons, alcoholics move in there. Do they have rules to live by and what are they and can they be evicted if they fail to live by the rules. Are they going to be able to have their trash scattered throughout the area like they do now. Will they be able to graffitti the place. Who is going to monitor these occupants. Will dogs and other pets be allowed. Many other questions need to be answered, after all the hard earned money of us taxpayers have a right to know and should have a vote. How safe will it be for the many birthday parties for young children that are held directly across the street in the park. Will our vehicles that will be parked there during events be safe from theft. I myself have been approached by some of these homeless while shopping at CVS, Vons and if you ignore them they call you names and present scary situations. I even had one sitting on the hood of my car and refused to get off, I had to go get the manager of the store who talked him off. As far as I’m concerned this will degrade our community and lower the real estate prices in the area around thee park. This if being done for a political reason. I bet not one of the Commissioners lives in Eagle Rock. Los Angeles has many other areas and facilities that could be used for the homeless and not across from our Park.

  2. A community of tiny dwellings (I hesitate to calling them tiny houses) will hopefully remove ALL the homeless, their tents and surrounding trash from under the freeway. From what I understand they will have access to showers and toilets and counselling services to change their life direction and find themselves permanent housing. This site seems separated from the community and at a comfortable distance from the park. Families can pick and choose where they want to have B’day parties etc.

    1. @Eileen: I think you are referring to LAMC 41.18, which prohibits sleeping or lying on sidewalks and streets, and LAMC 56.11, which prohibits accumulating personal belongings in public areas. These ordinances have generally not been enforced in the city since the beginning of Covid, but they did manage to relocate and shelter >200 homeless people from Echo Park Lake at the end of March in CD 13.

  3. I am a resident in very close proximity to these new dwellings. My concerns are the sanitary conditions. Will there be flushable toilets not just port o potties(which maintenance will need to be daily not weekly)Also showers with running water through pipes. These are big concerns for the people that will live there. Because this is more like communal living then giving the homeless a true place to temporarily live. A motel has more amenities. Also will those already on-site be placed there which should be the case and this will not clear up the issue by the old Ernies restaurant the homeless there refuse to move so how will this help those already homeless in our community if they refuse to move there? The park here is very active with children and families I am surprised that this was considered but as long as you can promise to keep it clean, sanitary to prevent the spread of illness for those living there and our community safe by implementing safety measures We can all work together.
    Plumbing#1 and electricity with heat and air.

    1. They will use the parks restrooms n they have been know 2 shooting up in restrooms. Great place for kids. This is a joke. It was voted by others not the community. N ur probably rite the voters either live in high tech sec homes or not even close 2 these areas. By erines, at one point they had electricity in camps. Y go 2 the meetings it’s all ready a done deal

  4. The city should have never built that stupid lot that nobody used. It was a mini forest and they leveled it and now this is the blight the people who live here and pay taxes have to see everyday leaving or entering their community.

    1. Get real. This is all ready a done deal.
      Just like screwing up Colorado blvd. AGAIN. The homeless issue should have been solved long b4 redue Colorado blvd.
      Get the homeless issue done. Get what is important done 1st. Hell u can’t even stop over building mega mansions on hill sides. Taking away wildlife n making a complete mess everywhere. Must have been another behind closed doors deal. Huizar kick backs.

  5. Why can’t Ernie Jr.’s Restaurant, on Colorado Blvd. near the exit and entrance to the 2 freeway, which is for sale, be purchased and turned into living units for the homeless?

    1. Bc that would make sense. The city council goes behind every1s back do what they want. And we have 2 play along. It’s been this way with lowlife huizar. Y would it change on. @ erines think we’re was some interest of buying but do customers want 2 wade thru all that crap. Now spending $ on redue Colorado blvd. Joke is on us.

  6. So many angry people! All the more reason to “attend” the online meeting Monday, June 28th at 7 PM. Theories won’t help. Educating ourselves, at least, will clarify things.

    1. @Mel P: There are also many angry and self-righteous people in Eagle Rock who trivialize the concerns of those who live near existing encampments who have legitimate concerns about their families’ safety.

  7. What a great idea! I’ve lived in the area for 16 years and I think this is fantastic. It’s a better use of the space and it provides shelter for those who need it. It’ll be cleaner, healthier, more stable and more humane than what we have right now. Housing is a human right. That’s Councilmember de Leon! I think it’a a great use of my tax dollars!

  8. The info. for the 6/28 ER meeting says July 14th when you try to register. Please have them fix it and repost. Thanks! The ER location is the worst possible location for this type of project. We were told the homeless would be re-located once COVID restrictions were lifted but we were lied to. The families living around ER park were kept in the dark. The only people who knew details were the homeless advocates and volunteers, whose residences are mainly outside of ER. Only the residents, long time locals, and business owners of ER should really have a say; we deal with the consequences of the unlawful homeless population. Many of us have made phone calls to the Union Station Homeless Services and we have been told that they do not have a plan yet as to what services they will provide. They only told us that they DO NOT require sobriety in order to receive their services. Please help your community by asking Kevin de Leon to allow Special Enforcement & Cleaning Zones (SECZs)- to keep the surrounding areas around the tiny homes clear from tent encampments. If the unhoused are offered a tiny home and refuse it, they should not be allowed to camp around the parking lot or parks perimeters!

  9. Jobs are what people need, job search is what support should be. Internet connection to WORK is the answer, not playtime for adults, not support of laziness and drug use.

  10. Being a former residence of Eagle Rock I can sympathize with those residents who will be living close to the new homeless site. Home sales will suffer because no one would want to live near that type of situation. 99% of homeless don’t want to get straight. They can litter and will never pay any fines. Can brake the laws and have no accountability. They are like Ants. You spray, they scatter, they come back. They have your lovely town by the short hairs. Good luck people.

    1. @Cheryl Day: You’re lucky to be a former resident of Eagle Rock, as long as you’ve ended up somewhere you like. The thing is, people keep paying unbelievable prices for the privilege of living in what often looks like a garbage dump of a neighborhood.

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