This rendering shows the proposed development on Onteora Way in Eagle Rock. The community is opposing the proposal, but the ultimate decision rests with the City Planning Department.

Housing development on Onteora Way hits a wall, for now

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By Bill Hendrickson

A developer’s plan to build 14 pre-fab homes along a high ridge on Onteora Way in Eagle Rock was unanimously rebuffed by the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council at its monthly board meeting, Jan. 5.

The vote to disapprove of the project was preceded by an outpouring of community opposition to the proposed development. In all, 22 Eagle Rockers spoke up at the ERNC meeting (via Zoom) in January. All 22 were opposed, citing difficult access to the site for emergency vehicles, the heightened dangers on the hillside from fire, mudslide and earthquake, as well as the effects on trees and wildlife.

In voting to disapprove of the project, the ERNC said it was in the best interests of Eagle Rock to keep the ridge as “open space.” The Board was not swayed by arguments made by Noah Ornstein, a spokesperson for the developer, LOF Partners, LLC. Ornstein pointed out the hillside is private property, not public space.  He also pointed out that the proposed development includes a number of design and engineering features to mitigate potential negative effects. 

The next steps for the ERNC are to draft and send a letter of opposition to the City Planning Department, which will make the ultimate decision about the development.

“We should be telling City Planning how the neighborhood feels about the project,” said ERNC Board Member Lisa Karahalios. “Planning will take care of the technical aspects of the project.”

City Planning has yet to schedule a hearing on the project.

More on the Project

The project’s land is privately owned, undeveloped and abutted by approximately 30 homes built from 50 to 90 years ago.  Below is a recent photo of the property taken by the Boulevard Sentinel and a Google map to show how the property fits in the mosaic of homes and roadways abutting the property. A third image shows the developer’s rendering of the project’s streetscape.



Here is a rendering for the project’s streetscape.


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