Part of a line of people waiting to get a COVID-19 vaccination at the Glassell Park pop-up | Photo by Bill Hendrickson/BoulevardSentinel

On the Road to Immunity in Northeast Los Angeles

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By Bill Hendrickson

Nearly 3,000 people in Northeast Los Angeles received their first Covid-19 vaccine shots at recent pop up vaccination sites in Highland Park and Glassell Park.

The line at the vaccination site in Highland Park on Saturday March 6 | Photo by T. A. Hendrickson/Boulevard Sentinel

The sites were sponsored by NELA’s city councilmembers: Kevin de Leon hosted the site in Council District 14 at the L.A. Police Museum on York Boulevard from Mar. 2 to Mar. 6. Gil Cedillo hosted the site in Council District 1 at the Glassell Park Recreation Center on Verdugo Road from Mar. 9 to Mar. 13. The shots were administered by the L.A. Fire Department. The sites were managed by staff and volunteers from CORE — Community Organized Relief Effort. CORE’s mission is to make sure that relief makes its way to vulnerable communities that almost invariably suffer the most in a disaster. Both Highland Park and Glassell Park have been hard hit by COVID-19. As of Mar. 15, there have been 5,676 reported cases of COVID-19 in Highland Park and 92 deaths; Glassell Park has had 3,367 cases and 53 deaths, according to data from the L.A. County Department of Public Health. 

Most of the available doses — some 1,835 in Highland Park and 1,125 in Glassell Park — went to local residents. Sponsors were able to focus vaccinations on people who live nearby by blanketing the neighborhoods with flyers about the pop-up sites and then screening those who called to make appointments. Walk ups were also available for eligible Angelenos, including those who are over age 65 or who work in essential sectors such as health care, child care, education, food and emergency services.

The NELA vaccination sites will pop up again, three weeks after the initial pop-up. Priority will be given to people who are returning to the site for their second shot, though others will be accommodated as well as supplies allow. 

Bill Hendrickson has extensive marketing and sales experience in finance, real estate and, now, local news publication.

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Bill Hendrickson
Bill Hendrickson has extensive marketing and sales experience in finance, real estate and, now, local news publication.

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