Raquel Zamora

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Raquel Zamora

Why are you running? Living in this community my entire life, I’ve seen many issues go unaddressed. As a public school teacher, student counselor, social worker, small business owner, community volunteer, and mother, I know we deserve nothing less than most ambitious, service-driven representative on the City Council. 

Top two issues in CD 14: Homelessness and Housing affordability for seniors, families, students and others impacted by skyrocketing rents.

How would you address those issues? I would work with other Council members to address the housing affordability crisis. I don’t believe that one community should shoulder having all of affordable housing built; it should be spread throughout the City. Homelessness is not a one-size-fits-all issue. We need enforcement, deliverables and measurable outcomes.  

Metro BRT in Eagle Rock: Do you favor a route on Colorado Blvd. or the 134 Freeway – or are you undecided? At this point, I am undecided. There has to be more input on all key factors, such as parking, traffic, landscaping and ridership. I do believe, however that all stakeholders must engage in the EIR [environmental impact review] process and ensure that Metro does the right thing for their community. 

Scholl Canyon: How would you gain leverage to assert Eagle Rock’s interest in what happens at Scholl Canyon? I would call for a meeting with the Mayor and Council members of Glendale to discuss concerns that Eagle Rock residents have and come up with a viable solution.

Would you support Glendale’s proposal to build a biogas plant at Scholl Canyon? First, I would conduct a town hall with Eagle Rock residents regarding the biogas plant and identifying their concerns. Then I would have a follow-up meeting with the appropriate departments to discuss possible solutions. I would then like to host a meeting with the Glendale mayor and council members and try to collaborate on a solution.

More info: I earned my Masters of Social Work from USC and graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s in Los Angeles. I was appointed to the L.A. City Community and Family Services Commission and served as Board Member of the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA in Boyle Heights. I have a four-year old daughter, Valentina.


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