Shop Small

Welcome Eagle Rock Store Owners!

The Mera Group and the Boulevard Sentinel have created a special sales promotion for you for the week of Shop Small Saturday, November 24th. The promotion includes advertising and an incentive for customers to buy from you.

Our Shop Small Promotion includes:

  1. Advertisement for your store in the November issue of the Boulevard Sentinel, including:
    • Your Business Name/Logo
    • Business address
    • Promotion or discount you would like to offer
  1. “I Shopped Small” Incentive Program

You know the “I Voted!” stickers that you get when you vote?  We’ve got “I Shopped Small” buttons for people who shop at your store.

People earn and can proudly wear these buttons when they patronize 5 or more local stores the week of Shop Small Saturday. 

Mera Group will supply all promotion materials to your store.  Including a supply of “I Shopped Small” buttons for you and your sales people to wear during the promotion.

  1. A ‘Thank You for Shopping Small’ advertisement in the December issue of the Boulevard Sentinel listing your business and encouraging customers to continue to shop small in December and beyond.



QUESTIONS: Call Bill Hendrickson at the Boulevard Sentinel – (323) 333-3548

Use the PAY NOW button below to register.

Minimum Registration: This ad program is subject to a minimum registration. If the ad does not run, registration fees will be refunded.